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Our 8 Step SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization as a vital service that you need if you want to stand out from the crowd.

It’s no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a “must-have”, to ensure that you are visible and can bring visitors to your website from the search engines.

Unless you are the only person in the world who offers the exact product or service that you do and you have a core existing market, you’re left in a crowded digital space, fighting for the attention of your audience.

We implement these proven 8 key strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website and answer the questions your customers are searching.

More eyeballs mean more leads and conversions.

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51% of all website traffic is organic. It’s outpacing other markets. If you haven’t invested in SEO you’re losing customers to your competitors that are.

Here are 3 reasons to invest now:

Organic Search – Organic search is a huge part of most businesses ’ website traffic. It’s a critical part of the buyer’s sales journey and ultimately gets that buyer to complete the conversion or engagement.

Brand Authority – An effective website that is easily discovered in search results builds trust and credibility with consumers.  Authority is built with quality backlinks, positive buyer behaviour and machine learning signals (algorithm) by Google.

Traffic & Conversions – Optimizing your site for a specific vicinity or keyword allows consumers to find you quickly and easily. When a consumer locates your listing it brings them that much closer to a transaction/sale with your company.

SEO optimization services with Zealous Social


Let's rocket your leads and profits with Zealous Social marketing campaigns

Targeted Keywords

We search for the best keywords or phrases that your targeted audience are actually searching for.

Local SEO

Optimize your website content and GMB page for vicinity specific (ie: city, state) search results.

Your Competitors

We look at what your competitors are ranking for and see what they are missing or you can do better.


We use ‘White Hat’ strategies to gain backlinks to your website/blogs to increase your rankings.

On-Page Content

We optimize your website and blog content for layout, structure, title, H1 tags, meta descriptions, speed, etc.

Analytics & Tweaks

We do monthly reports to show you the ROI on our SEO services. We want you to track performance & growth.

SEO Is About Competition

SEO is about ranking higher than your competition and staying there. If your competition is paying $2,000 for SEO services and you’re paying $200 you’re never going to catch up. It’s not possible when you’re comparing vastly different budgets and the services you get with those budgets. If the competition is not doing any SEO then you’re $200 budget will get you out ahead.

The more you invest in SEO the higher and faster you’ll climb.

The numbers tell the story. If you invest $2,000 in SEO and place yourself at the top of Google (and stay there) and significantly increase your revenue by $10,000 – $25,000 then you have an excellent return on investment.

Each company has different SEO needs, budgets and goals and we’ll tailor our SEO to meet those requirements. We only work with companies that truly understand the importance and value of doing SEO for their business.

Our cheapest starter package starts at $700/mo but if you’re serious about growing then you’ll need a budget of at least $1,000/mo.

We deliver results and deliver them well. We start every new SEO service with a thorough SEO audit and health check during the onboarding phase to insure the package(s) you choose will provide the maximum benefit in the search results.

All our clients must go through the onboarding phase and the cost for that is $500.00.

    SEO Packages through Zealous Social

    Our SEO Packages

    Choose the perfect package to build your organic traffic and search engine rankings.

    (*6 mos. Commitment / *Does not include the initial $500 Site Audit fee)



    per month

    Website Audit

    Custom SEO Strategy

    Copy Optimization

    Speed & Technical Issues

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Meta Data

    Schema Markup

    Alt Tags

    Montly Reporting



    per month

    Everything in Starter Plan +

    Keyword Research

    Keyword Placement

    4 Blogs/mo (max. 2,800 words) of

    high quality, optimized copy

    Link Building

    Off-Page SEO

    Local SEO

    Monthly Reporting



    per month

    Everything in Starter

    Everything in Growth


    Outreach to 50 domains each month – genuine link building outreach.

    No low-value or black-hat links

    All links of higher domain authority than yours

    Guest outreach

    All opportunities actioned


    Google Analytics data for SEO Services-Plumbing Company


    A Vancouver Plumbing company came to us last November. They didn’t have much of an online presence.

    They wanted to improve their local SEO by increasing organic rankings, the website traffic and clientele.

    At the time they signed on for our SEO Services, they had zero keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

    This is what we did in 3 months for them. Since then their traffic has just kept growing and they are still with us.

    Google analytics data for SEO services - Sheet Metal Shop Company


    A Coquitlam Sheet Metal Fabricator came to us in January with some online presence. They were active on FB and Instagram.

    They wanted to increase their website traffic as well as their clientele.

    At the time they signed on for our SEO Services, they only had 15 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines.

    This is what we did in 3 months for them. They are still with us and have added two techs and a van to their business with the added traffic & sales they’ve received.

    SEO Guide - Unlocking 5 Secrets to Getting Your Website Found by Zealous Social


    What does SEO stand for?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short). SEO is a combination of strategy and technical skills implemented to get you listed on page one of Google’s search results for the specific search queries your potential customers are doing. 

    How long will it take?

    That honestly depends on multiple factors like how competitive your industry is and if your competitors are also doing SEO. It also depends on your budget and what your goals are. We will tailor the SEO strategies based on those questions to help you succeed and provide a timeline to measure our results.

    Will SEO work for my business?

    SEO is effective for all industries. If customer’s are Googling your business or industry then SEO will work for you. 

    Can you guarantee I'll get to #1 on Google?

    Our SEO team will get you to the best position possible for your industry and provide you with new traffic and leads. If #1 is possible then we’ll get you there but the main focus is growing your organic traffic. That will happen even if you’re at #5.

    SEO has never worked for me before?

    We’re sorry to hear that. If that’s the case then its either because you were ripped off, you were working with a company that isn’t fully trained in SEO, they didn’t know what they were doing or your budget was too small to have an effective campaign that would get you the results you wanted.

    Do I need to sign a 1 year contract?

    No, you don’t. We request that you commit to 6 months in order to get you real results from our SEO efforts but if you decide to stop working with us after 3 months, you are free to do so. We’re pretty confident in our SEO skills so we know you’ll stay but the option is always there to leave. 

    How do I get started?

    Set up a free consultation and we’ll discuss your goals and budget. Then we’ll send you a quick questionnaire to fill out to give us more information on your business. Once that’s done our SEO specialists will take over and start implementing the SEO strategies designed specifically for your business. 

    Can you give me a guarantee?

    No one can guarantee you will rank #1 in Google. If someone tells you they can, they’re not honest. Google decides who will be #1, not us or you and no SEO company out there has a special line to Google to ensure their customers get the #1 spot. We will be honest and work hard to get you to the best ranking we can.

    Doesn't Google keep changing the rules?

    Google’s algorithm goes through roughly 3,000 minor updates a year but they announce ahead of time when any major updates are coming that will affect our SEO services and performance. We stay on top of all the changes and our SEO team immediately starts learning what they need to do. If our strategies need to be tweaked or adjusted, they will be. 

    How will I know if your SEO services work?

    We provide you with a monthly ranking report to track your SERP progress. We want you to see the changes that are happening even if the first month didn’t really feel like there were any – there were. We never want our clients to feel like they aren’t getting great results from us.

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