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You are the visionary; we are the messenger.

Let us spread the word and speed up the conversion time for more profits!

Search engine optimization services by Zealous Social
Build your social media community using services by Zealous Social

5 Benefits to your business

“People engage in content but stay for the community.”

 Increase the speed someone becomes a first-time customer

 Reduce cancelled subscription revenue

 Reduce CPA (costs per acquisition) for leads and customers

 Increased success with new product and service launches

 Market insight and research directly from your audience – no guesswork

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Stop Losing $$$

Social media is a winning strategy for any business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an electrical company, a trucking company, a law firm, a dental practice or a real estate company.

It’s a great lead generation system, but it takes a lot of time, experience and effort to get results, and you have to have a strategic plan.

Too many businesses either don’t take it seriously enough, don’t have the time to commit to it consistently, have no strategic plan and post to post, which amounts to little or no results.  

Did you know that as of July 2020, more than half the world now uses social media? 346 million new users have come online within the last 12 months.

That means your ideal customer is online. Aren’t you ready to find them and convert them into your customer instead of leaving them to your competition to get?


You lose money daily if your not doing social media marketing according to Zealous Social


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Build Your Brand

We help build your brand & message, so it’s consistent through all your marketing materials and posts.

Content Strategy

We follow the 80% information, 20% sales rule for all social media posts and can respond to all comments.

Your Website

We ensure that your social media marketing works with your website and other marketing campaigns.

Social Media Growth

We communicate with other influencers and your ideal customers to grow brand awareness and loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize all your social media posts with keywords and correct hashtags for search visibility.

Analytics & Tweaks

We do monthly reports to show the growth of each social media campaign so you can track your ROI.

SMM campaigns in 3 steps

Step 1 – Set Goals

What are your goals? Direct sales, brand recognition? Who is your ideal customer, and where on social media do they hang out? Set-up your pages on the right social platforms that work for your business.

Step 2 – Build Fans

Create amazing content your target audience wants. Research keywords and follow conversations to deliver the right information.

Consistently post using a scheduler and integrate it with all other marketing verticals.

Answer every like and comment in a timely period. Don’t ignore anyone. Follow related hashtags and comment on their posts or stories. Start conversations & provide value that inlines with your industry or expertise.

Step 3 – Analyze & Tweak

Analyze the progress of your social channels monthly. What needs to be adjusted with your posts, posting times, etc.? Which ones were a hit, which ones weren’t? Figure out the “why” and adjust your strategy.

Always follow the 80% information, 20% sales formula.

    Social media content strategy plans by Zealous Social

    Our Social media Packages

    Choose the perfect package to build your brand through engagement.

    Add on Ad campaigns, additional platforms, blog content & video creation for greater reach.

    (*3 mos. Commitment / *Does not include initial setup fee)



    per month

    Social Account Audit

    1 Account

    3 Posts / Week

    1 Original Graphics Post

    BYO SEO Content Creation

    3x/Week Comment Responses

    Content Strategy Recommendations

    Project Support

    Monthly Reporting



    per month

    Social Account Audits

    3 Accounts

    3 Posts / Week 

    2 Original Graphics Posts

    Hashtag Strategies

    3x/Week Relationship Building

    3x/Week Comment Responses

    Content Strategy Recommendations

    Project Support

    Monthly Reporting



    per month

    Social Account Audits

    3 Accounts

    5 Posts / Week

    4 Original Graphics Posts

    Keyword & Hashtag Strategies

    5x/Week Relationship Building

    5x/Week Comment Responses 

    Content Strategy Recommendations

    Project Support

    Monthly Reporting

    Social Media Marketing Guide by Zealous Social


    Is there a difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management?

    Yes, there is a difference. Social media management is the strategy and execution for generating leads through your free social media accounts. Social media marketing is utilizing paid resources (ads) to earn new leads.

    How long does it take to see results?

    It takes roughly 6 to 9 months to see significant results in your sales. You should start to see vanity metrics rise in numbers within the first month. By this we mean likes, follows and shares. This gives you a good indication to know if the strategy is working or if it needs to be tweaked.

    How can I track if my SMM campaign is working?

    Your sales department should be tracking any increased activity on their end and asking all new leads where they heard about you. You can also track your website traffic to see where they are coming from.

    How many hours a week should I be doing social media posting?

    That depends on how many accounts you are active with. The general rule of thumb is you should be spending at least an hour a day, every day on social media for each account to build relationships.

    Can social media work for my business?

    Yes! All businesses will benefit from having a social media campaign. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are. With millions of people on social media daily it’s a great way to build relationships with your target audience while getting the word out and growing your brand. 

    Do I need to sign a 1 year contract?

    No, you don’t. We request that you commit to 3 months to get you any real results from our social media efforts, but if you decide to stop working with us after a month, you are free to do so. We’re pretty confident in our social media skills, so we know you’ll stay, but the option is always there to leave.

    How do I get started with a social media campaign?

    Set up a free consultation, and we’ll discuss your goals and budget. We’ll then send you a quick questionnaire to fill out to give us more information on your business. Once that’s done, our Social Media specialists will take over and start implementing the strategies designed specifically for your business.

    Can you give me a guarantee that your social media campaigns will work?

    No one can guarantee you how many leads you’ll get from social media. If someone tells you they can, they’re not honest. We will be honest and work hard to grow your brand awareness and drive more sales for your business. We know you will see an increase in sales but we can’t guarantee what that number will be. We will provide detailed reports for you to track our progress.

    How will I know if your social media services work?

    We provide you with a monthly report to track your progress based on the goals we discuss at the start of your campaign. We want you to see what’s happening with your social accounts. We never want our clients to feel like they aren’t getting great results from us.

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