Social Media Marketing

Build & Grow your Brand on Social Media

We help you build trust and authority across various social media platforms through listening, engagement and active communication.

We bring Customers to your business through strategic, end-to-end marketing solutions that incorporate social media with your other marketing initiatives for a seemless integration that produces winning results.

Set Goals

1st Step

What are your goals? Direct sales, brand recognition? Who is your ideal customer and where on social media do they hang out? Set-up your pages on the right social platforms that work for your business.

Build Fans

2nd Step

Create amazing content your target audience wants. Research keywords and follow conversations to deliver the right information. Consistently post using a scheduler and integrate it with all other marketing verticals. 

Analyze & Tweak

3rd Step

Analyze the progress of your social channels. What needs to be adjusted with your posts, posting times, etc.? Follow the 80% information, 20% sales posts formula, respond to comments and participate in conversations.

Social Media Marketing

We understand each Social Channel’s unwritten rules and best practices for success. We get real, tangible results for our clients that are backed up by our monthly analytical reports. Our clients always know how their social media marketing is doing.

Building Your Brand

We help you build your brand & message so its consistent through all your marketing materials and posts.

Your Website

We ensure that your social media marketing works with your website and othe marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize all your social media posts with keywords and correct hashtags for search visibilty.

Content Strategy

We follow the 80% information, 20% sales rule for all social media posts and respond to all comments.

Social Media Growth

We communicate with other influencers and your ideal customers to grow brand awareness and loyalty.

Analytics & Tweaks

We do monthly reports to show the growth of each social media marketing campaign and adjust accordingly.

Work with a Team of Talented Social Ninjas

The Zealous team consists of 2 Social & Design-savy, talented people who love all things Social. They thrive on social media and growing our client’s accounts.

We’ll get your Social Media accounts to grow, build brand followers, increase your brand’s authority in the market and your company’s conversion rates and profits.

That’s our thing and we love what we do! 


Social Media Package Prices

Choose the perfect package to build your brand thru engagement.
Add on Ad Campaigns, additional platforms, blog content and video creation for even more reach.

(*does not include set-up fees or original content)

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