Sales Calls Can Be Terrifying Until You Do It

Sales Calls can be terrifying until you do them - Zealous Social

Written by Kalleigh O'Togher

Kalleigh is the founder and CEO of Zealous Social and The Growth Fix. Her expertise in sales and marketing comes from 25 years of working with, and coaching, mid-size businesses in the trades, services and retail industries.

January 10, 2021

Sales has a bad reputation, and it’s a skill many entrepreneurs fail at. Why? There is a long-standing belief that salespeople are dishonest and unethical. It has become an inherent belief that a salesperson lies, pressures people to buy whether they can afford it or not and is only interested in their commission and not their customer. Due to this opinion of sales, many entrepreneurs fail before they get started due to sales fear.

The first time I did a sales call presentation for my marketing degree, I fumbled my words trying to remember my sales “pitch” and was terrified. I didn’t get the sale. Many of my friends with similar experiences quit and changed their majors. The reason I failed? I was so focused on the sales “pitch” that I forgot what sales actually is. Its providing value to the customer to solve a problem they have. The reason you’re doing the sales call is because your product or service can help them. If you don’t believe in your product or service, you’ll fail every time.

Overcome Your Fear of Sales

Every successful salesperson has overcome their doubts of selling by practicing. You are not alone in feeling fear and doubt when calling or seeing someone in person to ask for business. Everyone has experienced stage fright. The idea of public speaking, which is what sales is, knows the feeling of sweaty palms, nervous stomachs and increased heart rates. With practice and repetition, you overcome those feelings and get better at it. You will experience a lot of “No’s,” but you have to keep trying and improving your message. Never give up on yourself. You will get better at sales, and when you do you will start to get your “Yes’s.”

As an entrepreneur, you begin your sales career the moment you have the idea for your company. You sell your idea to your spouse, business partner or family members to get them on board with your vision. You’ll sell your idea to suppliers, landlords, bank managers and new employees. You won’t call it sales, but it is. You have a vision, and you want others to get on board to help you achieve it. That’s sales.  In your enthusiasm, you don’t question your message; you speak it and persuade others to believe in your business.

The moment someone like your business partner gets on board with your vision, you have debunked the sales myth. You made a sale without being phony or lying to get it. You believe in your vision, and the message was genuine and honest. That’s what sales is. Getting others to believe in your message and being passionate and happy to speak about it.

Practice Your Sales Pitch

The easiest way to do sales is to record yourself, if you can, talking to your business partner, spouse, supplier, etc. If you can’t record it, take notes. How did you express your business idea? What were your answers to their questions or objections? Use that to build all your marketing material like your website message, ads and sales pitches. Practice in front of a mirror or with someone. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Just remember that YOU believe in your business. Don’t doubt yourself.

Some believe that sales skills require an outgoing personality, and it’s true that it makes it easier for them than for a shy personality but if you have the right message and believe in it you can persuade others to believe in it. You may have a different “presentation” that works with your personality, but it doesn’t make it any less effective.

Sales is not showmanship or magic. Its presenting information in a persuasive manner that gets others to see your message as you do and buy-in.

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I love sales, and it’s a lot of fun. Why? Because I’m passionate about my business and know I help people, which comes across in my message. I still get No’s after doing sales for 20 years, but I’ve learned that it’s not personal. It’s business. They may not have been ready for my services, can’t afford me or were not convinced. That’s ok. Maybe one day they will be, but that just means they weren’t the right fit for my business now. Not all businesses will be, even though I think they should be, lol.

I’ve learned that there are wrong customers for my business. If the answer is No, they weren’t a good fit, and it probably wouldn’t have been a successful relationship anyway. I want to work with people that are just as passionate about growing their business as I am in helping them do that.

To be successful, remember that you just need to believe in yourself and your business and be genuine and honest.

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