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We’re Zealous Social

(Div. of Zealous Pro Solutions (2014) Ltd.)

An award winning digital growth agency in Ontario.

Our mission is to help as many businesses as we can remain relative and sustain long term growth and stability.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

We listen to what your customers need and want and then work with you to design specfic campaigns that meet those objectives and goals. Your succcess is our success!


Why we chose “Zealous”

as our name:

The Zealous Motto:

Zealous Definition (Fits us to a “T”):

Adj: Full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted or diligent. Synonyms: Enthusiastic, eager, intense, passionate, warm.

A jealous competitor might be resentful of the company that makes a “zealous” effort to achieve success.

We help companies do that daily and we love our job!









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Our Values

What we are about.

Problem Solvers

We believe in a partnership between us and you. That means we are engaged and listen. We take the time to get to know you and your business inside and out to ensure we can provide the best solutions for your business goals.

Forward Thinking

We help you prepare for the future, to avoid the known pitfalls and failures, and achieve growth and success through progress, technology and innovation.

Customer Support

We ensure your target audience receives professional, helpful, high quality information that allows them to make decisions regarding the purchase of your product and/or service.

We're There For You

The most important element of our business is the relationships we have with our clients. We value the strength of our relationships with each one and ensure that communication is our priority.



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Web Development

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