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We help you grow your Brand’s trust and authority.

Our sites are built to increase conversions into sales.

Win customers with the right first impression.


Our goal is to build you a beautiful website that actually does its job. That job is to get you leads and conversions.


3 reasons why a website is important!

First Impressions

Customers ‘Google’ before they shop, visit reviews before they buy and go to websites to check you out.

Today, your website is your store, restaurant or office. It’s the first thing a Consumer sees (even before visiting you). They make judgements and snap decisions based on that.

If you don’t have a website or its a crappy one, they’re likely to dismiss your business and go to your competitor.

Buying Habits Have Changed

Consumers don’t window shop like they used to anymore. Malls are empty. 

They’re going online for most of their shopping needs now. If you don’t have a website to show up in the search engines, how are they going to find you? You can bet your competition has one.

Make sure your website has your street address, phone number and email easily visible. Social links are also great as long as you’re active them.

You're Losing Business

You’re missing out on opportunities for your customers to identify who you are and if they want to buy from you.

A word of caution: A bad website is worse than no website at all.

Why? With all the website builders and template sites (Shopify, etc.) out there to choose from there is no reason for yours to look unprofessional and sloppy. You’re just turning consumers off and hurting your brand’s image.

WordPress Website Maintenance Guide
Five steps to a successful website launch

Website Design & Development

We understand how important a properly designed and functioning website is to your business. We follow these 6 steps in all of our website development projects.

Gather Information

We need to know what the purpose, main goals and target audience is for your new website.


We create a sitemap to ensure that we build in all the elements required for your new website.


We design the page layouts incorporating all your services or products for your review.

Content Strategy

Content writing involves creation of catchy headlines, text editing, adding calls-to-action, etc.


We create your new website using all the previous elements and add any special features needed.

Test & Launch

We test the functionality of your new website and ensure that all links and call-to-actions are working correctly.

Work with a Team of Talented Website Ninjas

The Zealous team consists of 2 website-savy, talented people who love all things web design. They thrive on developing functional, sales focused websites.

Our goal is to increase your brand’s reach in the market and your company’s conversion rates and profits.

That’s our thing and we love what we do! 


Website Design Packages

Choose the perfect package to build your brand.

(We have custom packages available)

Add SEO, Website Maintenance, Content, Social Media or Video creation for even more reach.

* eCommerce sites start at $2,700

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