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Website Content Matters to Your Visitors by Zealous Social

Written by Kalleigh O'Togher

Kalleigh is the founder and CEO of Zealous Social and The Growth Fix. Her expertise in sales and marketing comes from 25 years of working with, and coaching, mid-size businesses in the trades, services and retail industries.

January 18, 2021

Most website content sucks because it’s written for the business, not for the customer.

Your website copywriting needs to talk like a human and have a sincere desire to inform and address your customers’ needs.

They don’t care about you. They care about themselves.

What do you find on your website? 

Count the following words used in your website copywriting:

Answer these 5 website content questions.  Start with your homepage:

1.       How many “I/us” words are repeated on the page?

2.       How many “my/me” words are on the page?

3.       How many “we/our” words are on the page?

4.       How many “your name/her/his” (if you talk in 3rd person) words are on the page?

Now count again, but do the following:

5.       How many “you/your” words are on the page?

Tally it up. Do you have more of questions 1 to 4 than you do question 5? If yes, then you have content issues. This is one of the reasons website pages have high bounce rates.  

Your website should clearly convey what’s in it for them, your customer. They want to know how your product or service is the obvious choice for them.

The creation of buying personas increased the number of page views per visit by 100%, saw an increase in site visit duration by 900%, and an increase in ROI by 171%.


How do I write content for my website?

Understand who your customers are. You should have your buyer persona’s figured out. Then make sure your copy speaks directly to them.

We’re not going to address other aspects of website copywriting like SEO, headlines, structure, etc. in this article. Start with these basic six tips listed below. Once you’ve implemented these then you can address other copywriting strategies to make your website content really stand out.

Use these 6 copywriting tips to improve your website content:

1.       Conversational – Customers want to read content that speaks their language. Write for people, not for sales. They are humans, so have a conversation with them. Drop any corporate speak. They don’t want to read it.

2.       Words Used – Be conscious of the words you use and how you use them. The words should make your audience feel engaged with you. Don’t use words that are industry jargon. They either won’t understand it or be put off reading it. If you don’t use those words in casual conversation with someone you just met about your business, don’t use them on your website.

3.       Clarity – You have a few seconds to grab their attention. Make a great first impression. Quickly and directly speak to them with your message. Address the reason why they’d be on your site.

4.       Be Specific – You want them to take some type of action on your site. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and make it very easy for them to do it. Don’t make them search or guess.

5.       Talk to Them – Your content should emphasize “you,” not “I” or “we.” Speak directly to them and address their paint point or reason for coming to your site.

6.       Benefits for Them – Your content needs to be about benefits and solutions to them, not features. People buy based on emotion first, logic second. They want the product or service to speak to them emotionally to get them to purchase, i.e., 7Up doesn’t tell you what ingredients are in their pop. They tell you how refreshed you’ll feel drinking a 7Up on a hot day.

For more information on writing great content, check out our blogs at:

Spend time rewriting your website copy. It’s time well spent if it keeps your website visitors on your pages and engaged.

If you’re not good with words, then hire it out to a pro. We can help you make your message clear and catchy, in plain English, with no sales jargon crap.

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